Mon Reve Familier [english] Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oft do I dream this strange and penetrating dreamA
An unknown woman whom I love who loves me wellB
Who does not every time quite change nor yet quite dwellB
The same and loves me well and knows me as I amC
For she knows me My heart clear as a crystal beamA
To her alone ceases to be inscrutableD
To her alone and she alone knows to dispelB
My grief cooling my brow with her tears' gentle streamA
Is she of favor dark or fair I do not knowE
Her name All I remember is that it doth flowE
Softly as do the names of them we loved and lostF
Her eyes are like the statues' mild and grave and wideG
And for her voice she has as if it were the ghostH
Of other voices well loved voices that have diedG

Paul Verlaine


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