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SaeedTavanaee: “Ah, blessed, blissful days when our lips met! You loved me so!” “Quite likely,—I forget.” Paul Verlaine

cedmab: "High-heels were struggling with a full-length dress So that, between the wind and the terrain, At times a shining stocking would be seen, And gone too soon. We liked that foolishness"-The Young Fools/Les Ingenues by Paul Verlaine. To a moment and a girl so near, yet so far.

softieaku: Do you agree that gin akutagawa por mafia's most skilled assassin and paul verlaine's star pupil

feverretro: so is it that mean paul verlaine is not a human? so complicated i can't get it.

anju_devadas: "Let us be children, two young men, Enamoured by nothing and amazed by all, Who go and lie pale under leafy stems Without knowing they have been forgiven." - Paul Verlaine Summer of 85 (2020, France/Belgium) Director: François Ozon

yoohtopia: all those “lock [character] up in the basement” jokes really got paul verlaine locked up in the basement

jenesaisplus18: Arthur Rimbaud as Giorno and Paul Verlaine as Mista send tweet


tothestraypoets: paul verlaine and arthur rimbaud - "death by a thousand cuts", lover (2019)

WithneyQC: 4 of 5 stars to Poemes saturniens suivi de fetes gala... by Paul Verlaine

Glenn__Kenny: I could do this all day Robert Quine Richard Lloyd Tom Verlaine ROBERT FRIPP Adrian Belew Andy Gill Wilco Johnson LESLIE WEST Roy Buchanan Danny Gatton BILL FRISELL Wes Montgomery Jerry Garcia Hank Marvin Tony Iommi PAUL BUTTERFIELD PETER GREEN Bonnie Raitt Ry Cooder Mick R

jamieundome: si era si jaj Chuuya recalled the Arahabaki incident one year ago. It was all about Arahabaki, the artificial ability created by the military. In order to get this top secret, Two European spies took on a mission to steal Arahabaki, and they were Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine+

jamieundome: They accomplished their mission perfectly. However, Paul Verlaine suddenly betrayed his partner. He attacked Rimbaud, and took away Arahabaki by himself.

gettheresomeday: Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, French poets, late 19th Century. Even though Rimbaud was about 10 years younger, it didn’t stop their passion for each other and gave this world beautiful poems.

poesblackcat: remember at the beginning of january when i would check the arthur rimbaud / paul verlaine tag on ao3 every day in search of something new?? that júlia is very happy rn

flyingtruck_: Verlaine's repetitive apologies are breaking my heart. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Also, on a side note; I'm quite sure that the real Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud had a love affair. Correct me if I'm wrong.

rashogod: thinking about gin akutagawa, the black lizard assassin and paul verlaine’s pupil

CR0ISSANTHUR: i hate irl and bsd paul verlaine so much. i hate him with all of my heart. i hope the worst from him and i hope that irl paul verlaine is burning in hell. this man was absolutely disgusting

cressidasea: ok wait so did dazai know verlaine was there the whole time and just didn’t say anything to chuuya? rimbaud definitely says paul’s whole name in 15 and he appears to know verlaine in stormbringer .......

huachenghzu: chuuya’s hat was a gift given to rimbaud from paul verlaine as a birthday gift. “happy birthday,” he said. “i’m so glad you were born.” ENEMY MY ASS

huachenghzu: thank you, paul verlaine.

crollyson: William Faulkner Day by Day: February 25, 1920: The Mississippian publishes “Fantoches,” a translation of Paul Verlaine.

ifatiima99: Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town – Paul Verlaine

skkcanon: // stormbringer spoilers . . . . . . . I'm ending the day with that fact, i'll just pretend that i read a fic of paul verlaine as chuuya's brother , and mistook it for canon

Adakou_: Chuuya: Paul can I borrow your-- Verlaine, Rimbaud: *flirting* Chuuya: ....get a room... Verlaine: we are in the living ROOM Chuuya: AN ACTUAL ROOM PAUL

albctross: wait help i forgot this is paul verlaine goodbye

writchuu: Paul Verlaine in real life was in a romantic and sometimes violent relationship with rimbaud, and Rimbaud went to live with Verlaine when he was only 17 years

__Melima: "In reality, Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine engaged in a romantic affair and lived together for nearly four years. Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine are said to be IRL Nakahara Chuuya's inspiration in French Literature. The hat Chūya wears is actually Verlaine's."

kiroiimye: It’s somewhere in between a good thing and a bad thing — where Arthur Rimbaud’s always had a soft spot for him, Paul Verlaine is more hesitant and wary, despite all their years of friendship. “Dad’ll warm up to you eventually,” Chuuya had dismissed when they were 16.

kiroiimye: Dazai stares at the doorbell, finger hovering, before he rings it. The door is open faster than he expects, and Paul Verlaine stands in front of him, arms folded. Though he’s not as tall as Dazai (the top of his head touches the bottom of his chin), he emanates the aura of an

rotenotes: Marked as to-read: Poems Under Saturn by Paul Verlaine

dailycamsrowe: book: Women Men by Paul Verlaine

WAPITACHI: paul verlaine: *exist* me:

CR0ISSANTHUR: me hating bsd and irl paul verlaine after reading stormbringers summary

Snowyesque: alksjfakls i was reading the description and i misread paul verlaine as paul revere


SLUTTYDAZAI: chuuya now wears verlaine's hat, even this little chain pinned to it and sometimes ties his hair the same way with a black ribbon as paul did and verlaine, even though he hurt chuuya, he's still important to nakahara and now he carries a part of him in him


greentofu111: I am officially a simp for Paul Verlaine


RaedSalim01: I’m afraid of a kiss Like the kiss of a bee. I suffer like this And wake endlessly. / Paul Verlaine

mia_drawings: Portrait of Paul Verlaine

lolavable: “Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.” - Paul Verlaine ♡

362t: "Here are fruits, flowers, leaves, and branches, And here is my heart which beats only for you." Paul Verlaine

edgarsblackcat: paul verlaine real *cries* /pos

maidchuya: “One year after the Arahabaki incident, Nakahara Chuya, who joined the Port Mafia, is brought before the king of assassins - Paul Verlaine. "Come with me, Chuuya" - the man who calls Chuuya his little brother and knows the secret of his birth, causes another storm in Yokohama"

BarberousseDine: Green ; Paul Verlaine, romances sans paroles

ElisabethRosdal: Ah, the soft sound of rain on roofs, on the ground! To a dulled heart there came, ah, the song of the rain! Paul Verlaine

TheRealSPA: Pasternak resorted to translation as a safer livelihood, taking on classic works by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rilke, William Shakespeare, and Paul Verlaine. Both successful and well compensated, he was able to buy a house in a writers' village just outside Moscow in 1936.

Paul_M_D: Absolute cracker of an album. 1977!!? Feel old now but (as with all these memories that crop up) it pushes me to listen to Mr Verlaine again...all good :-)

seukijay: This is a Paul Verlaine hate account

rturne17: Highlight of my week: getting to design a 103 lesson around my favorite Paul Verlaine poem :

othman26367889: Green - Paul Verlaine ( AudioBook FR )

ClarisaLigarde: On page 150 of 192 of Poemas Saturnianos e Outros, by Paul Verlaine

othman26367889: Nevermore - Paul Verlaine ( AudioBook FR )

ClarisaLigarde: On page 105 of 192 of Poemas Saturnianos e Outros, by Paul Verlaine



rawrrdoll: My friends are lucky that I was busy all day, so I didn’t bother them with my eternal love for a fictional character who people call: Assasin King, Paul Verlaine.

rawrrdoll: The Assasin King, Paul Verlaine.

NadiallLines: catch this little piece i wrote about paul verlaine here!

DarkestJay868: —on becoming an executive, was Paul Verlaine, the assassin king who calls Chuuya his younger brother! In order to stop his plans of, "Assassinating anyone who tries to get inside your head", Chuuya teams up with a European Artificial Intelligence Officer named Adam. —

karayaslihan: "A thousand dreams within me softly burn" Arthur Rimbaud Photo: Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, Brussels, 1873 |

rawrrdoll: I woke up horny for BSD Paul Verlaine. He is messing with my ovaries.

NevorNevy: Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Victor Hugo and plenty others also for the little story Paul and Arthur dated and wrote poems about each other and Paul tried to kill Arthur krkrkrk

rihannakillah: "I'm afraid of a kiss. Like the kiss of a bee. I suffer like this and wake endlessly..."- Paul Verlaine 'A Poor Young Shepherd' 1800s

trysterobooks: “The triumphant eclecticism of the Beautiful.” – Paul Verlaine

362t: "Here are fruits, flowers, leaves, and branches, And here is my heart which beats only for you." Paul Verlaine

yumegalaxyy: looking very like "Marine" de Paul Verlaine kind of vibes

alinaetcetera: It was actually inspired by a poem by french poet Paul Verlaine. Here it is. I think it depicts superficial joy which masks deep sorrow. Who can't relate to that these days, right? Zoom in to read clearly.

CataclysmicEve2: when they say goodbye, because he finds himself forgetting his mother's face now, as time goes by--and he's /so/ afraid that one day, he'll return home to a /stranger./ Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine /are/ strangers to him, but they aren't /cruel./ Of course, Arthur /is/ more

BSE_Writer: The explosive love affair between flamboyant French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine rocks French society. They flee to London, abandoning the manuscript of La Chasse Spirituelle. Delirium: The Rimbaud Delusion

MrPaulSimpson1: We do 3 or 3 'songs'. I'm dragging the guitar neck across the amplifier. Trying to channel Robert Quine, Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd and Martin Bramah all at once. When we come off Bill says ' didn't go mad enough'.

chizue_witchery: Not me thinking Paul and Verlaine are two different people ISNDJWN BYE-

edgarsblackcat: PAUL VERLAINE CATBOY

hopoietes: Paul Verlaine, "In initio", dans Liturgies intimes, 1892.

OtdMarcel: The lecture was quite a success, attended by high society, MP («stilted with admiration », his words, and at the time trying in vain to publish an essay about the Count) and also Paul Verlaine, whom the Count was helping financially and who would write a review in Le Figaro.

OtdMarcel: Pictures: Montesquiou by Nadar in 1895; the review of the lecture in Le Figaro (1.18th); the last paragraph of a late review by Paul Verlaine (8.8th).

paulkidd: Emmanuel Macron has rejected a petition calling for the pantheonisation of Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, following an acrimonious and at times homophobic public debate.

HelenaBrors: Macron rules that Arthur Rimbaud’s remains will not be exhumed and pantheonised alongside Paul Verlaine’s remains.

IvanKenneally: “I am the Empire in the last of its decline, That sees the tall, fair-haired Barbarians pass,--the while Composing indolent acrostics, in a style Of gold, with languid sunshine dancing in each line.” —Paul Verlaine

kodzekun: daily i love paul verlaine tweet

edgarsblackcat: nothing hurts more than mentioning paul verlaine around my language teacher parents hoping they ask me about him so i can feel free to infodump but they don't ask anything /hj

Ochi_Fukuchi: Paul Verlaine... Paul Verlaine... He sounds just a little familiar. Well, whatever! He probably isn’t that big of a deal.

gustoartist: What if Rimbaud has started feeling cold after being betrayed by Verlaine? In 15 before his dead Rimbaud said that he's thinking about Paul and finally feeling warm It hurts me

tepidwindblows: book in the hopes of catching Chuuya out, so far he hasn’t succeeded. Today’s request actually piqued Chuuya’s interest. Poèmes Saturniens by Paul Verlaine. Chuuya still loves poetry, writes his own whenever inspiration strikes, so when this bandaged pest asked for what has

dilfkolai: WHO is Paul Verlaine and why is he hot

dazai96_: its the way we started studying about paul verlaine after i saw this photo and before this when i watched that episode where fyodor is there we started studying about him too....

classickay007: So obviously Paul Verlaine is back after betraying his partner Randou who Dazai and Chuuya had previously defeated. I believe Verlaine has had an alternate motive since hearing about Arahabaki, who was said to be a WEAPON (keep that in mind). +

classickay007: Asagiri-sensei said this book will further Dazai and Chuuyas relationship, so I think that Dazai will try his best to protect Chuuya from Paul Verlaine by revealing the truth about Paul’s intentions then they will team up to stop him. +

QuteeQuwu: my feed is bsd wan, bsd paul verlaine, & ganyu so today is pretty good

rawrrdoll: To avoid people lecture me about Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, two things: 1. I’m the proud owner of 2 collections both of them bilingual (English/French Spanish/French). 2. I READ A LOT, hence that’s why I got deep balls into BSD. What you consider toxic +

iambutaclown: Op is legit me rambling about arthur rimbaud and paul verlaine

magpalaya: want umiyak!! paul verlaine you good looking mf )): i am so excited for stormbringer pls

rashomeow: 10 July 1873: Paul Verlaine shoots Arthur Rimbaud

tetchuu: tw // guns , shooting , abusive relationship if anyone interested to read about their relationship..

tetchuu: tw // guns , shooting irl verlaine shot rimbaud and went to jail, he even wrote 32 poems while he was in jail.....

pourtaehyung: French ppl are currently in a heated discussion whether or not they should reburied Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine (poets)together (they were a gay couple at the wrong time). I honestly dont think they should be reunited tho,R left his fams for V but V shot him! So why bother?


deaddrabble: This is Paul Verlaine's poem "Marine", from the "Poèmes Saturniens" collection, there are these lines that match the idea of a Storm ascending. Stormbringer could totally be refering to that storm upon the Ocean. Yokohama bay is directly connected to the sea Rimbaud refered to.

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