Langueur [english] Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I am the Empire in the last of its declineA
That sees the tall fair haired Barbarians pass the whileB
Composing indolent acrostics in a styleB
Of gold with languid sunshine dancing in each lineA
The solitary soul is heart sick with a vileB
Ennui Down yon they say War's torches bloody shineA
Alas to be so faint of will one must resignA
The chance of brave adventure in the splendid fileB
Of death perchance Alas so lagging in desireC
Ah all is drunk Bathyllus hast done laughing prayD
Ah all is drunk all eaten Nothing more to sayD
Alone a vapid verse one tosses in the fireC
Alone a somewhat thievish slave neglecting oneE
Alone a vague disgust of all beneath the sunE

Paul Verlaine


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