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George Henry Borrow (5 July 1803 – 26 July 1881) was an English writer of novels and of travel books based on his own experiences in Europe. During his travels, he developed a close affinity with the Romani people of Europe, who figure prominently in his work. His best-known books are The Bible in Spain, the autobiographical Lavengro, and The Romany Rye, about his time with the English Romanichal (Gypsies).

Early life Borrow was born at East Dereham, Norfolk, the son of Army recruiting officer, Thomas Borrow (1758–1824) and farmer's daughter, Ann Perfrement (1772–1858). His father, a lieutenant with the West Norfolk Militia, was quartered at the prisoner-of-war camp at Norman Cross from July 1811 to April 1813 and George spent his ninth and tenth year...
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George Borrow Poems

  • Youthful Maidens
    Love, with rosy fetter,
    Held us firmly bound;
    Pure unmix'd enjoyment
    Grateful here we found....
  • Waldemar's Chase
    The following Ballad is merely a versification of one of the
    many feats of Waldemar, the famed phantom hunter of the
    North, an account of whom, and of Palnatoka and Groon the
    Jutt, both spectres of a similar character, may be found in...
  • Vidrik Verlandson (from The Old Danish)
    King Diderik sits in the halls of Bern,
    And he boasts of his deeds of might;
    So many a swain in battle he's fell'd,
    And taken so many a knight....
  • Thoughts On Death (from The Swedish Of C. Lohman)
    Perhaps ‘t is folly, but still I feel
    My heart-strings quiver, my senses reel,
    Thinking how like a fast stream we range
    Nearer and nearer to yon dread change,...
  • The Violet-gatherer (from The Danish Of Oehlenslaeger)
    Pale the moon her light was shedding
    O'er the landscape far and wide;
    Calmly bright, all ills undreading,
    Emma wander'd by my side....
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  • Gnfhangout_: hey george you wanna borrow this
  • George_harrap: whos gonna be the first to enable the strategy of: stake $xstep in lender, borrow $step stake borrowed step to xstep restake the xstep in lender, borrow more step repeat leveraged step farming with 0 price risk of liquidation
  • Daniellewhitbec: took my friend out for her 30th birthday to a haunted house. just bought the nott the brave masks and let her borrow the porcelain when she forgot hers. love them! i also got my cat, george, some bow ties so he looks more gentlemanly.
  • Fivdayo: dream must have been staring for so long that sapnap ends up looking at george, too. “wait, isn’t that-“ “yeah. he’s wearing my jacket.” dream sighs. he didn’t even realize that he let george borrow it. (weirdly enough, it didn’t bother dream at all, seeing george like that.)
  • Edemomini: conducts foreign affairs.” the chiefs of the six nations were hereditary rulers, something the framers wanted to avoid, given their grievances with britain’s king george iii. still, the framers “did seek to borrow aspects of iroquois government that enabled them to assert
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