Paciolo Pen Saint Storm Poems

  • 1.
    Many pen scribble around peace,
    Many shall scribble still more,
    When read them I, disperse my thoughts,
    Tears and wails in between each letters.
  • 2.

    Under the shade of Hurly-burly,
    Gush of tempest wind,
  • 3.
    The smashing sun burns fiercely my skin through the mire,
    The boring moonlight tells me timorous tales that sends down fear my spine,
    The laborious scolding of countless strokes won't halt,
  • 4.
    *إذهب إلى فرعون إنه طغى*
    *Go to fir'aun (pharaoh) verily he has transgressed (All bounds in disbelief and disobedience and has behaved in an arrogant and as a tyrant Q20v24)*

  • 5.

    Suddenly, the sun went abode
  • 6.

    Even in the mist of griefs and pains,
    When the story shall be divulged,
  • 7.

    The sky may change it garb,
    Angry streak strike between it heart,
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