Osip Emilevich Mandelstam Love Poems

  • 1.
    I canĂ¢??t sleep. Homer, and the taut white sails.
    I could the list of ships read only to a half:
    The long-long breed, the train of flying cranes
    Had lifted once the ancient Greece above.
  • 2.

    The meaning of somber and barren
    Venetian life is clear to me:
  • 3.

    I want to serve you
    On an equal footing with others;
  • 4.
    The Greeks planned for war
    On the delightful island of Salamis.
    From the harbor of Athens, you could see it
    Seized by the enemy's hand.
  • 5.
    I often shiver with cold --
    I want to be mute as a thing!
    There is, in the skies, dancing gold
    Sending me commands to sing!
  • 6.
    To read only children's books,
    To have only childish thoughts,
    To throw everything grown-up away,
    To rise from deep sadness.
  • 7.

    When you are trying to sleep, Solominka,
    In your enormous bedroom, and are waiting,
  • 8.
    Go back to the tainted lap, Leah,
    Whence you came,
    Because to the sun of Ilion
    You preferred yellow twilight.
  • 9.
    I don-t remember the word I wished to say.
    The blind swallow returns to the hall of shadow,
    on shorn wings, with the translucent ones to play.
    The song of night is sung without memory, though.
Total 9 Love Poems by Osip Emilevich Mandelstam

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