Who is William Henry Drummond

William Henry Drummond (April 13, 1854 – April 6, 1907) was an Irish-born Canadian poet whose humorous dialect poems made him "one of the most popular authors in the English-speaking world," and "one of the most widely-read and loved poets" in Canada.

"His first book of poetry, The Habitant (1897), was extremely successful, establishing for him a reputation as a writer of dialect verse that has faded since his death."

Contents Life He was born near Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland in 1854, as William Henry Drumm, the oldest of four sons of George Drumm and Elizabeth Morris Soden. The family emigrated to Ca...
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William Henry Drummond Poems

  • Spring Bereaved Iii
    Alexis, here she stay'd; among these pines,
    Sweet hermitress, she did alone repair;
    Here did she spread the treasure of her hair,
    More rich than that brought from the Colchian mines. ...
  • Spring Bereaved Ii
    Sweet Spring, thou turn'st with all thy goodly train,
    Thy head with flames, thy mantle bright with flow'rs:
    The zephyrs curl the green locks of the plain,
    The clouds for joy in pearls weep down their show'rs. ...
  • The Canadian Country Doctor
    I s'pose mos'ev'ry body t'ink hees job's about de hardes'
    From de boss man on de Guvernement to poor man on de town
    From de curé to de lawyer, an' de farmer to de school boy
    An' all de noder feller was mak' de worl' go roun'. ...
  • Phil-o-rum Juneau

    In the days of the "Old Regime" in Canada, the free life of the ...
  • This Life Which Seems So Fair
    This Life, which seems so fair,
    Is like a bubble blown up in the air
    By sporting children's breath,
    Who chase it everywhere ...
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Long 52 Away 51 Never 50 Hear 48 Place 47 Poor 39 Night 39 Wall 37 Good 35 Small 32

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  • Thewssociety: perth schoolmaster (and friend of william drummond)henry adamson's 1638 "the muses threnodie", part lamentation, part travelogue, part history of tayside and environs. adamson is alleged to have coined the term "curling" for the scots winter sport. signet library collections.
  • Bcwriters: congrats to fbcw's susan mccaslin. “retiring into the greater work,” won “judge’s choice” in the dr. william henry drummond poetry contest...
  • Dontmakephotos: “i shall pass through this world but once. any good therefore that i can do or any kindness that i can show to any human being, let me do it now. let me not defer or neglect it, for i shall not pass this way again.” -william henry drummond, the supreme gift
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to irish-born canadian poet william henry drummond (april 13, 1854), author of "the habitant “(1897) et al.
  • Elanquebec: submissions are now open for canada's longest-running non-governmental poetry contest honouring montrealer, dr. william henry drummond. deadline to submit: friday, april 30. for details on how to submit and cash prizes, visit:
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