Osip Emilevich Mandelstam Life Poems

  • 1.
    I have studied the Science of departures,
    in nightâ??s sorrows, when a womanâ??s hair falls down.
    The oxen chew, thereâ??s the waiting, pure,
    in the last hours of vigil in the town,
  • 2.

    The meaning of somber and barren
    Venetian life is clear to me:
  • 3.
    My beast, my age, who will try
    to look you in the eye,
    and weld the vertebrae
    of century to century,
  • 4.
    To read only children's books,
    To have only childish thoughts,
    To throw everything grown-up away,
    To rise from deep sadness.
  • 5.
    We went out of our minds with the easy life,
    Wine from morning on, hungover by evening,
    How can I keep this idle gaiety,
    Your blush, O drunken plague?
  • 6.
    Why do the clock-hopperssing,
    And fever rustle
    And dry stove crackle --
    It is red silk burning.
  • 7.
    A flame is in my blood
    burning dry life, to the bone.
    I do not sing of stone,
    now, I sing of wood.
  • 8.
    As Psyche-Life goes down to the shades
    In a translucent forest in Persephone's tracks,
    A blind swallow falls at her feet
    With Stygian tenderness and a green branch.
  • 9.
    Just for joy, take from my palms
    A little sun, a little honey,
    As Persephone's bees commanded.

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