Brothers, let us glorify freedom-s twilight -
the great, darkening year.
Into the seething waters of the night
heavy forests of nets disappear.
O Sun, judge, people, your light
is rising over sombre years

Let us glorify the deadly weight
the people-s leader lifts with tears.
Let us glorify the dark burden of fate,
power-s unbearable yoke of fears.
How your ship is sinking, straight,
he who has a heart, Time, hears.

We have bound swallows
into battle legions - and we,
we cannot see the sun: nature-s boughs
are living, twittering, moving, totally:
through the nets -the thick twilight - now
we cannot see the sun, and Earth floats free.

Let-s try: a huge, clumsy, turn then
of the creaking helm, and, see -
Earth floats free. Take heart, O men.
Slicing like a plough through the sea,
Earth, to us, we know, even in Lethe-s icy fen,
has been worth a dozen heavens- eternity.