Santa Decca Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Gods are dead no longer do we bringA
To grey eyed Pallas crowns of olive leavesB
Demeter's child no more hath tithe of sheavesB
And in the noon the careless shepherds singA
For Pan is dead and all the wantoningA
By secret glade and devious haunt is o'erC
Young Hylas seeks the water springs no moreD
Great Pan is dead and Mary's son is KingA
And yet perchance in this sea tranced isleE
Chewing the bitter fruit of memoryF
Some God lies hidden in the asphodelE
Ah Love if such there be then it were wellE
For us to fly his anger nay but seeF
The leaves are stirring let us watch awhileE

Oscar Wilde


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regent honey eater: bruh, been waiting too long for a new one of these come up. WHEN?

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