We won, but never conquered
We fought, but never wrestled
We chanted victorious songs,but
We're still the captured ones
Our bodies were free, but our hearts remained in captivity.

Freedom Freedom, we cried
Kingdom Kingdom, we liked
Manage Manage, we couldn't
Damage Damage, we now do
We have monopolised our mentality
All because we lacked creativity.

A rich man lives in poverty
because of his reluctance to get the
Key to his liberty
Synonymous are we, shifting the blame
with relieve
Our standard of living lowered
Our mentality now hampered
We all know we have suffered
But is anyone willing to sacrifice?

Independence we craved and wanted
Dependence with pride we accepted
In dependence our economy now situated
Because diversity we never created.

Pushing blame on leaders
Facing pains in corners
Stand up and fight like a soldier
Or poverty be yours forever
Corruption Corruption, we love
Patriotism is now far from us
The national anthem now a
national song
Me, my family and I is the
only reason they chose to rule
For money, in four years nothing they do.

Presidential seat now an occupation
Leaders are readers, I hear people say
Our leaders are rulers, so is our fate today
And so IN DEPENDENCE are we everyday .