A jewel,very bright and shiny, that's my jewel
TDH, that's his definition
All smiley, even when not his intention
So hardy than a nut to crack
In that beautiful heart are, great hopes
All good greater than you and me

A father figure? No, a friend? More than
His advices do for sure,his kisses sweeter than
His eyes her favourite, white and round, lady's like
She's run out of description, a transcription may do
Character wise she knows less
Otherwise he's not a mess

Blunt she may be to him
But his presence is her cream
Crazily how he grabs her
Yet still takes her far.

He can't resist her yet he resisted
Principled I call him though loving
But she was dissapointed
You left her hanging
for long she's been longing
But now she's cooled though feeling awkward

Why did you have to lie
If you wanted a tie
Now you cry as she lies
She's isn't sure if it's adoration
Until she makes a move
Not her intention
But you never let her love

Wish you said something
If nothing atleast anything
But still tied are her hands

To admit it, he's handsome
and that's what he has to learn
He kills her in a way
But does it matter anyway?