Have been asked all the definitions
Have read all the possible illustrations
Have listen to other people's interpretations
Of the word 'neighbour'
But when I tried to inquire
All I see are just vampires
Who just wanted others to retire
In order for them to inherit their empire
Their words are more powerful
Sinners but in church they are more prayerful
Pretenders, cheaters,backbiters
6,7,8,9,10 commandments, wife snatchers
So respect,uphold and adhere to the word
John 3:16,He was there in the beginning of the world
So there was, there is,there will be only one neighbour
Who can walk on water,He don't require the harbour
Who was sent to return us to the garden of Eden
And from the cross he relieve us from our burden
He did that without asking for a price
If you don't know,the neighbour is Jesus Christ