It seemed we were not running the same race
You were too fast,I could not cope up with your pace
And the worth of that beauty was at a high cost
Then I looked back and that's how you were lost

But the truth is,I never came to you because of lust but love
I just wanted to give out my heart and see what I could have
Now that those days are over;they are now gone
Days I use to think about you throughout the night until dawn
Let me just say I love you,even if this will be my last
But remember, our memories together will never be my past

I tell you,leaving was my worst mistake
And staying was a risk I could not take
I was torn between those two lines
To go or stay by your side
Sorry I demanded excess
And you tried your level best,but now I can't live with that pretence
Now I have to go but in my heart I can feel your existence
And I know when you think of our past,you can still feel my presence