Someone should show me beautiful lakes,
the part of life where love wasn't place on a stake.

Someone should sprinkle on me water of appraisal
tell me how my story resurrect their dying HOPES,

how I made them drink from wines of FAITH
and paint their dreams colorful colors of BELIEVE.

Someone should walk on my lane
sit with me on a lone_lean armchair

my haven where anxieties melt away like an ice
to savor the musty smells of an evening breeze.

Someone should hold my hands
take me to a family where love is a bread

Someone should sing me an elegy
with tones of sorrow and touches of happiness

to mourn the deceased strength and courage
the one whips of life obliterated before they bloom.

Someone should walk with me to the west
to watch the fatigued sun trudge through the horizon

hold my hands and tell me nighttime fables.

Someone should call me a legend
read to my ears a Legendary Ballad.

Maybe I'll get to find the stars
and the family bonds life split up like a tattered flag

Someone should call my name!
and whisper to my ear