Someone should sprinkle on my head
dews of cheers and mist of applauds

Maybe, I'll feel the frozen thumbs and fingers
from the touch of teeth-chewing cold
while walking on billowing breeze.

Someone should call me by name
tell me the story of how I sailed_
through the twirling tornadoes.

Maybe I'll get to fix the broken cartilages
feel the flows of bloods on fractured Joints

the scars, bruises and the invisible wounds
from the battle I forfeited to Beast of Geuvadan.

Someone Should give me a rose
buy me chocolates and some cupcakes.

Maybe I'll get to taste the sweetness of life
the refreshing scents of beauty-full nature

As I was bred from Streets of scavengers
hunting on sour foods blended with an acrid smells.

Someone should call my name!
whisper to my ears

"Soon, everything's gonna be fine"