Oliver Herford Soul Poems

  • 1.
    The Salamander made his bed
    Among the glowing embers red.
    A Fiery Furnace, to his mind,
    Hygiene and Luxury combined.
  • 2.

    Now Time the harvester surveys
  • 3.
    A's Albert Edward, well meaning but flighty,
    Who invited King Arthur, the blameless and mighty,
    To meet Alcibiades and Aphrodite.

  • 4.
    The Gentle Milk Jug blue and white
    I love with all my soul,
    She pours herself with all her might
    To fill my breakfast bowl.
  • 5.
    Oh, Editor, Editor,
    Awful and grand,
    Who holdest our fate
    In the palm of thy hand,
  • 6.
    SEE, chil-dren, the mis-guid-ed Mole.
    He lives down in a deep, dark hole;
    Sweet-ness, and Light, and good Fresh Air
    Are things for which he does not care.
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