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  • 1.
    By the Harp

    "Shpeaking of Harps, sure me frind Pete
    Has got the Harp of Tara beat,"
  • 2.
    You'd think a lion or a snake
    Were quite enough one's nerves to shake;
    But in this classic beast we find
    A lion and a snake combined,
  • 3.
    At evening when the lamp is lit,
    The tired Human People sit
    And doze, or turn with solemn looks
    The speckled pages of their books.
  • 4.
    OH, turn not from the hum-ble Pig,
    My child, or think him in-fra dig.
    We oft hear lit-er-a-ry men
    Boast of the in-flu-ence of the Pen;
  • 5.

    |Scene|: A wayside shrine in France.

  • 6.
    The Kitten mews outside the Door,
    The Cat-bird in the Tree,
    The Sea-mew mews upon the Shore,
    The Catfish in the Sea.
  • 7.
    THIS is the Le-o-pard, my child;
    His tem-per's any-thing but mild.
    The Le-o-pard can't change his spots,
    And that - so say the Hot-ten-tots -
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