Oliver Herford Never Poems

  • 1.
    The Kitten mews outside the Door,
    The Cat-bird in the Tree,
    The Sea-mew mews upon the Shore,
    The Catfish in the Sea.
  • 2.
    A's Albert Edward, well meaning but flighty,
    Who invited King Arthur, the blameless and mighty,
    To meet Alcibiades and Aphrodite.

  • 3.
    Up into the Cherry Tree,
    Who should climb but little me,
    With both my Paws I hold on tight,
    And look upon a pleasant sight.
  • 4.
    Here's to the floor,
    Our best friend of all,
    Who sticks to us close
    In the time of our fall.
  • 5.
    From Hiram Maxim's hair you'd think
    His specialty was spilling ink--
    You'd never dream he'd spilt more blood
    Than any one man since the Flood.
  • 6.
    A health to King Neptune,
    The boss of the wave!
    Who sits on the Ocean
    And makes it behave.
  • 7.
    There's a funny little kitten that tries to look like me,
    But though I'm round and fluffy, he's as flat as flat can be;
    And when I try to mew to him he never makes a sound,
    And when I jump into the air he never leaves the ground.
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