Oliver Herford Head Poems

  • 1.
    When Plain Folk, such as you or I,
    See the Sun sinking in the sky,
    We think it is the Setting Sun,
    But Mr. Gilbert Chesterton
  • 2.
    How did Medusa do her hair?
    The question fills me with despair.
    It must have caused her sore distress
    That head of curling snakes to dress.
  • 3.
    The Dog is black or white or brown
    And sometimes spotted like a clown.
    He loves to make a foolish noise
    And Human Company enjoys.
  • 4.
    SEE the Gi-raffe; he is so tall
    There is not room to get him all
    U-pon the page. His head is high-er -
    The pic-ture proves it - than the Spire.
  • 5.
    Up into the Cherry Tree,
    Who should climb but little me,
    With both my Paws I hold on tight,
    And look upon a pleasant sight.
  • 6.
    My Bed is like a little Bark,
    The hatch is battened down,
    And in the basket cabin dark
    I sail away from Town.
  • 7.
    A Birdie cocked his little head,
    Winked his eye at me and said,
    "Say, are you a Pussy Willer,
    Or just a Kitty-Catty pillar?"
  • 8.
    THIS is an Os-trich. See him stand:
    His head is bur-ied in the sand.
    It is not that he seeks for food,
    Nor is he shy, nor is he rude;
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