The Logicians Refuted Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


LOGICIANS have but ill defin'dB
As rational the human kindB
Reason they say belongs to manC
But let them prove it if they canC
Wise Aristotle and SmigleciusD
By ratiocinations speciousD
Have strove to prove with great precisionE
With definition and divisionE
'Homo est ratione praeditum'F
But for my soul I cannot credit 'emF
And must in spite of them maintainG
That man and all his ways are vainG
And that this boasted lord of natureH
Is both a weak and erring creatureH
That instinct is a surer guideI
Than reason boasting mortals' prideI
And that brute beasts are far before 'emF
'Deus est anima brutorum'F
Who ever knew an honest bruteJ
At law his neighbour prosecuteJ
Bring action for assault and batteryK
Or friend beguile with lies and flatteryK
O'er plains they ramble unconfin'dB
No politics disturb their mindB
They eat their meals and take their sportL
Nor know who's in or out at courtL
They never to the levee goM
To treat as dearest friend a foeM
They never importune his graceD
Nor ever cringe to men in placeD
Nor undertake a dirty jobN
Nor draw the quill to write for B bK
Fraught with invective they ne'er goM
To folks at Pater Noster RowM
No judges fiddlers dancing mastersD
No pick pockets or poetastersD
Are known to honest quadrupedsD
No single brute his fellow leadsD
Brutes never meet in bloody frayO
Nor cut each others' throats for payO
Of beasts it is confess'd the apeP
Comes nearest us in human shapeP
Like man he imitates each fashionE
And malice is his ruling passionE
But both in malice and grimacesD
A courtier any ape surpassesD
Behold him humbly cringing waitQ
Upon a minister of stateQ
View him soon after to inferiorsD
Aping the conduct of superiorsD
He promises with equal airR
And to perform takes equal careR
He in his turn finds imitatorsD
At court the porters lacqueys waitersD
Their master's manners still contractS
And footmen lords and dukes can actS
Thus at the court both great an smallT
Behave alike for all ape allT

Oliver Goldsmith


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