Goody For Our Side And Your Side Too Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Foreigners are people somewhere elseA
Natives are people at homeB
If the place you re atC
Is your habitatC
You re a foreigner say in RomeB
But the scales of Justice balance trueD
And tit leads into tatC
So the man who s at homeB
When he stays in RomeB
Is abroad when he s where you re atC
When we leave the limits of the land in whichE
Our birth certificates sat usF
It does not meanG
Just a change of sceneG
But also a change of statusF
The Frenchman with his fetching beardH
The Scot with his kilt and sporranG
One moment heI
May a native beI
And the next may find him foreignG
There s many a difference quickly foundJ
Between the different racesK
But the only essentialL
Is living different placesK
Yet such is the pride of prideful manG
From Austrians to AustraliansM
That wherever he isN
He regards as hisN
And the natives there as aliensM
Oh I ll be friends if you ll be friendsO
The foreigner tells the nativeP
And we ll work together for our common endsO
Like a preposition and a dativeP
If our common ends seem mostly mineG
Why not you ignorant foreignerQ
And the native repliesR
And hence my dears the coronerQ
So mind your manners when a native pleaseR
And doubly when you visitS
And between us allT
A rapport may fallT
Ecstatically exquisiteS
One simple thought if you have it patC
Will eliminate the coronerQ
You may be a native in your habitatC
But to foreigners you re just a foreignerQ

Ogden Nash


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