Norman Rowland Gale Grass Poems

  • 1.
    Have you seen the golfers airy
    Prancing forth to their vagary,
    Just as frisky in their gaiters
    As a flock of Grecian Satyrs,
  • 2.
    In summer, when the grass is thick, if Mother has the time,
    She shows me with her pencil how a poet makes a rhyme,
    And often she is sweet enough to choose a leafy nook,
    Where I cuddle up so closely when she reads the Fairy-book.
  • 3.
    O BROTHERS, who must ache and stoop
    Oâ??er wordy tasks in London town,
    How scantly Laura trips for youâ??
    A poem in a gown!
  • 4.
    My lass, when God
    to suffer sent me,
    no gifts he gave,
    but only lent me
  • 5.
    Excuse me, Sweetheart, if I smear,
    With wisdom learnt from ancient teachers,
    Now winter time once more is here,
    This grease upon your lengthy features!
  • 6.
    HERE in the countryâ??s heart
    Where the grass is green,
    Life is the same sweet life
    As it eâ??er hath been.
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