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Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas (22 October 1870 – 20 March 1945), also known as Bosie Douglas, was an English poet and journalist, and a lover of Oscar Wilde. At Oxford he edited an undergraduate journal, The Spirit Lamp, that carried a homoerotic subtext, and met Wilde, starting a close but stormy relationship. Douglas's father, the Marquess of Queensberry, abhorred it and set out to humiliate Wilde, publicly accusing him of homosexuality. Wilde sued him for criminal libel, but some intimate notes were found and Wilde was later imprisoned. On his release, he briefly lived with Douglas in Naples, but they had separated by the time Wilde died in 1900. Douglas married a poet, Olive Custance, in 1902 and had a son, Raymond. On converting to Roman Catholicism in 1911, he repudiated homosexuality ...
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Lord Alfred Douglas Poems

  • Sonnet On The Sonnet
    To see the moment holds a madrigal,
    To find some cloistered place, some hermitage
    For free devices, some deliberate cage
    Wherein to keep wild thoughts like birds in thrall; ...
  • A Song
    Steal from the meadows, rob the tall green hills,
    Ravish my orchard's blossoms, let me bind
    A crown of orchard flowers and daffodils,
    Because my love is fair and white and kind. ...
  • The Green River
    I know a green grass path that leaves the field,
    And like a running river, winds along
    Into a leafy wood where is no throng
    Of birds at noon-day, and no soft throats yield ...
  • The City Of The Soul: Ii
    What shall we do, my soul, to please the King?
    Seeing he hath no pleasure in the dance,
    And hath condemned the honeyed utterance
    Of silver flutes and mouths made round to sing. ...
  • The Travelling Companion
    Into the silence of the empty night
    I went, and took my scorned heart with me,
    And all the thousand eyes of heaven were bright;
    But Sorrow came and led me back to thee. ...
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Lauraleeauthor: on this day in 2011, reporting on the discovery of lord alfred douglas's love letters to maurice salis-schwabe.
Bimboragnarsson: two loves: poems and letters from oscar wilde and lord alfred douglas - translated by maarten asscher and gerlof janzen finished on 29/1/2023 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Zoeclairesg: been researching lord alfred douglas for the play i'm writing on him and the 2 biggest takeaways so far are: 1)everyone in late 19th-early 20th century england was addicted to suing each other for libel 2)every photo of him at any age contains nothing behind his eyes
Historiahoyweb: lord alfred bruce douglas: el amante de oscar wilde
Leoofmontreal: two loves (final stanza) 1/ lord alfred douglas - 1870-1945 .. what is thy name?' he said, 'my name is love.' then straight the first did turn himself to me and cried, 'he lieth, for his name is shame, but i am love, and i was wont to be alone in this fair garden, ..
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