Norman Rowland Gale Blue Poems

  • 1.
    If ever there was a Golden Game
    To brace the nerves, to cure repining,
    To put the Dumps to flight and shame,
    It's Cricket when the sun is shining!
  • 2.
    With heart disposed to memory, let me stand
    Near this monarch and this minstrel of the land,
    Now that Dian leans so lovely from her car.
    Illusively brought near by seeming falsely far,
  • 3.
    Last night some yellow letters fell
    From out a scrip I found by chance;
    Among them was the silent ghost,
    The spirit of my first romance:
  • 4.
    O might I leave this grassy place
    For spreading foam about my feet!
    The splendid spray upon my face,
    The flying brine itself were sweet
  • 5.
    IT hardly seems that he is dead,
    So strange it is that we are here
    Beneath this great blue shell of sky
    With apple-bloom and pear:
  • 6.
    Bartholomew is very sweet,
    From sandy hair to rosy feet.

    Bartholomew is six months old,
  • 7.
    O BROTHERS, who must ache and stoop
    Oâ??er wordy tasks in London town,
    How scantly Laura trips for youâ??
    A poem in a gown!
Total 7 Blue Poems by Norman Rowland Gale

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