Norman Rowland Gale Face Poems

  • 1.
    All work is over at the farm
    And men and maids are ripe for glee;
    Love slips among them sly and warm
    Or calls them to the chestnut-tree.
  • 2.
    NATURE and he went ever hand in hand
    Across the hills and down the lonely lane;
    They captured starry shells upon the strand
    And lay enchanted by the musing main.
  • 3.
    O might I leave this grassy place
    For spreading foam about my feet!
    The splendid spray upon my face,
    The flying brine itself were sweet
  • 4.
    Shy maids have haunts of still delight,
    The lover glades he never tells;
    And one is mine where mass the bright
    And odoured chimes of foxglove-bells.
  • 5.
    IT hardly seems that he is dead,
    So strange it is that we are here
    Beneath this great blue shell of sky
    With apple-bloom and pear:
  • 6.
    Excuse me, Sweetheart, if I smear,
    With wisdom learnt from ancient teachers,
    Now winter time once more is here,
    This grease upon your lengthy features!
  • 7.
    If you passed her in your city
    You would call her badly dressed,
    But the faded homespun covers
    Such a heart in such a breast!
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