Wildlife Day (“ Wildlife – The Next Door Neighbour, Enable Harmonious Co-existence”) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Himalayan kingdom celebrate the day with themeA
Wildlife the next door neighbour Enable Harmonious Co existenceB
Join nation to celebrate and pledgeC
Zero poaching to save wildlife for all time to comeD
This day is observedE
Not because we have so many wildlife in wildF
But to raise awareness of its importanceB
And to protect love share wildlife for generationG
We encroach and destroy their homeH
Leave nothing for next door neighbour to feed onI
They starve and encroach in our fieldJ
We get annoyed and chase to killK
We must know the root causesL
For so called human wildlife conflictM
We are blessed with power to thinkN
Rather than chasing with bow and arrow think bigO
To enable harmonious co existenceB
Wildlife are killed for simple reasonG
They were killed for skin ivory medicinal uses butP
More beautiful powerful than wildlife partsQ
This materialistic world have many to replaceR
Himalayan landlocked is known for sound bio stateS
Paradise for wild speciesT
Lets join in hand to save our resourcesU
To become the champion of worldV
I travel thousands of milesW
Deep inside the forestsX
High on the mountainsY
To protect and save our natural resourcesU

Norbu Dorji
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/12/2019


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