Coinciding of two auspiciousness
Auspiciousness as a birth anniversary of glorious root guru &
Miracles month known as Chothrul Dawa
I wish root guru live until the end of cyclic existence.

To turn the dharma chakra
To relief sentient beings from ocean of samsara
Evils and obstructing force in your life vanish &
God of longevity bless you with immortality.

Happy Birth Day to your Holiness DGR
Happy of being guided by guru without rival
Taking refuge in Chosen One
Practicing & following your teaching no doubt in liberation.

Long Live Dudjom New Treasure
Long live Dudjom Linage holder
Long live Dudjom Tersar followers.
Long Live Great DGR to flourish Dudjom dharma.

My prayers may not have power to prolong the life
I seek & take refuge to the powerful one
To bless my guru with longevity
For the sake of unawaken one.