The anniversary of great heroes were observed,
For their unwavering service,
Thinking for the good causes,
Scarifying ones happiness on others.

Siddhartha scarified princely life,
Not because he do not love & like,
But for the good causes for all sentient beings,
With much difficulties He did it for us,
Remembering the great success,
Hero of thousand years ago is remembered & adored today.

Working in the field & selling crops,
Parent raise and educated their children,
Provide good clothing and best foods,
Wearing a rag themselves,
Remembering their sacrifice,
We love & respect.

Teacher and mentors scarified their joys,
With difficulties standing & walking,
Teach to speak at high volume,
To make every students hear & understand
To shoulder the responsibilities of leadership.
Thus we celebrate Teachers Day to pay gratitude.

When together we never feel & love,
Always looking for their weakness,
Complaining & arguing,
Quarrelling and fighting,
We will never feel missing & loving
unless we are away from beloved one.

Arm force are remembered when you need security
Monks are remembered when spiritual need arise,
Doctors are remembered when you get sick,
Friends are remembered when you need help but
Conservators will never be remembered unless
There will be no more trees to fell,
Air become thin to breath & earth become hot to stay.

Copyright Norbu Dorji