Outer appearance are not always focal point,
Some might be handsome & beautiful but
The Heart may not be as good as the appearance,
Some might have rough look with good heart.

They may give & offer in front of thousands,
Generosity & virtuous may not be their intention,
Some may not have to give & offer,
Still rejoice in others happiness & virtue.

Ponder harsh words with love & care,
Some speak politely to deceive,
Some utter dirty words but their mind is crystal clear,
Every smile is not welcoming.

They spend thousand in gambling & parties
Hardly spare penny for charity,
All in monastic robe are not pious,
The content of the books cannot be judge by cover.

White dustbin may hold black charcoal inside,
From dust gold & ore are extracted,
Transforming of outer appearance is easy,
Never be your focal point of judgmental as outer appearance.