Giant Titanic was built with safety measure,
With painstaking effort,
Lending thousands of hands,
Investing millions,
To build this great buoyant,
Still it wasn’t safe to travel,
Losing thousand of live,
Sinking deep in the ocean,
Is there something that cannot be destroyed?

Birds flying high,
Over thousands of birds,
With strength of wings,
Ego arises within,
Non could fly as high as I do?
That was not the limit of the height to fly,
Iron birds fly thousand of miles higher than,
Carrying hundreds in it belly,
Is there anything that cannot be defeated.

Nothing on earth can destroy,
It is an illusion of afflicted mind,
Birth will be destroyed by death,
Something earned will be exhausted,
Gathering can be destroyed by dispersal,
Love will be destroyed by hatred,
Diseases can be cured by medicines
Diamond cuts diamond,
There is nothing immortal,
Is matter of time that brings changes.
Everything can be destroy to end,