Back to our historical hero
Knight Commander the first Druk Gyelpo
Who united Land of thunder dragon
Sowed the seed of peace & prosperity

People realised of His statesmanship
Would lead this land to peace
With legal documents
Enthroned as first Buddhist monarch

Under three successive monarch
Yet another enlighten king succeed &
Gifted His people with
His heart treasure Gross National Happiness

The seed of peace & prosperity ripped
By watering Gross National Happiness
People enjoy peaceful life
With the wisdom of visionary monarch.

Militant and insurgent were asked to
Leave this land of peace
They turned to be deaf
King led the force to flushed out.

On this very auspicious day
King of Bhutan once said proudly
Such an enlighten leader wasn’t born before
And will never born again.

Thank you Wangchuck dynasty
Thank you successive monarch
You had done to this motherland
Where we enjoy continuous peace.

With every coming of national day
We pay tribute to our great heroes
We pray for never ending peace
Long Live Wangchuck dynasty.