What will be there deep inside the ocean?
Some says there will be precious gems & deposit,
Others imagine that there will be abundant life,
These are all the thoughts created by the mind,
To know the truth, travel deep inside the ocean floor to study.

What will be there deep inside the forest?
Biologist claim that there are profuse of wildlife species,
Commoner assume that there will be beast dwelling,
These are all presumption created by mind,
To be certain travel deep inside the forest to notice.

What will be there deep inside the earth?
The geologies assert that there are minerals & mines,
The Farmer tells that earth is fertile to cultivate,
These are the knowledge of understanding from working with,
To know the truth dig deep inside the earth.

Revealing what is there in mind is difficult,
Like & dislike obscure to know the nature of mind,
Those who like you will says that you are good,
One who does not like will says you are demon,
Deep inside the heart of mind love & compassion is hidden.