My dear daddy,
You gave me intensive care for being weak ,
And made me what I am today,
Believing that I can be by your side,
When you need me.

Your service to king country & people,
Is boundless & unnoticed ,
Believing in yourself & King,
You served your age limit.
With dedication & patriotism .

I am grown up to shoulder responsibility,
Still you shower bountiful love,
How much older their child grows,
Parental love never change & vanish,
This is what I learn from you my dad.

Is my fortunate to be your son,
Staying away from you is my misfortune,
With great regret I repent for being afar,
Staying together and helpless is like not being,
Thousand of miles cannot stop from loving & helping.

Everyone aren’t lucky to see & have father,
Me & my Childs are lucky enough to see ,
Father and grandfather together,
May God of longevity bless you ,
With immortality.