Over the period of time,
Change and continuity evolved,
We often says that the time changed but ,
It is the notion & attitude of people that really differed.

forefather are contended ,
With what they have ,
They ate poor dietary foods to sustain ,
Still healthy & strong enough.

Communicate through the writing of letters,
To inform & pick up still they never delayed,
Limited transportation of goods with animals,
Everyone receives their shares.

Ancestors equipped to fought with bow, arrows & swords,
To protect and safe their family from wild beast,
Maintain sovereignty & peace within mother land ,
Thus nurturing the younger generations & mother land.

21st century have most advance technologies,
Best & nutritious foods to eat ,
Still we become weak & sick ,
Of excessive diets we eat with greed.

Cell phones & vehicles to cover thousand of miles in minutes & hours,
To transmit the massage and transport ,
Still delayed in time to arrive because ,
The sense of responsibility is missing.

Today we use guns & nuclear weapons,
Destroying the beautiful landscape and structures,
To protect and threaten others,
To maintain peace and prosperity.