Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev Never Poems

  • 1.
    Let verse of yours be flexible, but strong,
    Strong as a poplar under valley's cover,
    Strong as the earth under a plough, long,
    Strong as a girl, who never knew a lover.
  • 2.
    Dear girl, your cheeks are soft and tender,
    And your breasts, like little hills, are slender,

    Fall in love with me and from this instance
  • 3.
    I heard from the garden a woman singing,
    But I â?¦ I gazed at the moon.

    My thoughts never wondered about that woman -
  • 4.
    In that magic forest, towering trees
    Unexpectedly come forward from the haze.

    Out of the earth, roots spring from other roots,
  • 5.
    I stared at the unfolding road,
    Beneath the shadow of grand oaks, -
    Such a familiar old road,
    Surrounded by flower fence.
  • 6.
    My own dream is lofty, simple thing:
    To seize the oar, put feet into the stirrups,
    And to deceive the time, that slow tries to stir us,
    By kissing lips, forever new and pink;
  • 7.
    I walked an unfamiliar street
    And suddenly heard a raven's cry,
    And the sound of a lute, and distant thunder,-
    In front of me a tram was flying.
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