Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev Live Poems

  • 1.
    Like undistinguishable horses,
    Gleam by my ever-painful days,
    As if fade all the living roses,
    And die all living nightingales.
  • 2.
    Dear girl, your cheeks are soft and tender,
    And your breasts, like little hills, are slender,

    Fall in love with me and from this instance
  • 3.
    In that magic forest, towering trees
    Unexpectedly come forward from the haze.

    Out of the earth, roots spring from other roots,
  • 4.
    Birth of the word is by agony molded,
    Through earthly life it is quietly going,
    It is a stranger, which drinks from the golden
    Pitcher the drops of the savagesâ?? mourning.
  • 5.
    I know: to the trees, but not to us,
    Perfection of the life is given, whole.
    And on the Earth â?? the sister of the stars â??
    We live in exile, while they do at home.
  • 6.
    This single link was else respected
    By people of the days that gone â??
    Thereâ??s written on its tablet sacred
    That Love and Life is one.
  • 7.
    I walked an unfamiliar street
    And suddenly heard a raven's cry,
    And the sound of a lute, and distant thunder,-
    In front of me a tram was flying.
  • 8.
    Iâ??m in the daysâ?? embracing limits,
    Where even skies are ever gray,
    Look through the ages, live in minutes,
    And wait for Holy Saturday;
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