Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev Heart Poems

  • 1.
    I wait for, full of thoughts provoking,
    But not a gay and pretty wife,
    Not the sincere and gentle talking
    About the old time and life.
  • 2.
    The merciless fire devoured
    The house of my childhood games.

    I needed to overcome sorrow,
  • 3.
    Iâ??m sick, for sure: deep darkness holds my heart,
    Iâ??m bored with the people and the stories,
    And dream of treasures of the kingdoms, glories,
    And yataghans, all covered with blood.
  • 4.
    I stared at the unfolding road,
    Beneath the shadow of grand oaks, -
    Such a familiar old road,
    Surrounded by flower fence.
  • 5.
    How tranquil is this little mountain lake
    Itâ??s filled with water like a cup
    Bamboo looks just like little houses
    And trees above â?? a sea of roofs.
  • 6.
    Only serpents let their skin be fallen
    And a soul - all grown up and old.
    We, alas, change an eternal soul,
    Leaving body in eternal hold.
  • 7.
    I walked an unfamiliar street
    And suddenly heard a raven's cry,
    And the sound of a lute, and distant thunder,-
    In front of me a tram was flying.
  • 8.
    I know her, her bitter silence,
    Her tiredness of her words and cries,
    Lives in the secret changing brightness
    Of widened pupils of her eyes.
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