African Flower Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I am an African flowerA
Born and reared in South AfricaB
Swilled uBuntu from rivers of AfricaB
Our Mother rose from Africa henceC
This land hold so many triumphsD
Give all credit to the GEMIURGE I emerged hereE
Forefathers chose to remain and they prevailedF
Their Perspercaciousness to the struggle of blows splotched with red liquidG
Ootata Ingilosi for us stayed in valleys an abundance was lethalH
Gazing steadily for daily bread no time to slumberA
Their sweat this noon is food to us just like the Celestial being promisedI
They stood firm with their mikhontos and pledged to protect usJ
We were heavy but no day they part exchanged us because we were born pricelessJ
Oomama the Mbokodos carried us for nine monthsK
Sheilas fought immensely for me and you to surviveL
Belume ongezantsi for their offsprings bloomM
In that regards I will be a fossil hereE
I will live to fertilize the little black colored flowersN
Born Pure and chose to remain unadulteratedO
I'm no aloquent but I have to artitulate neverthelessP
I may not portray adroitness in this however I have to exhaleQ
It's in the eventide of MondayR
I'm looking in thee rose pink flowersN
They show no loathe nor AversionS
I detect no repugnanceN
This must be the jauntiest place in the universeN
Smoke of change smell of deathT
They took a siasta and died in the vergeU
I cry they were laudableH
I'm lost and left with corrupt leadersN
We are being sold to vulturesN
I'm lost and left with thiefsN
We are in an auctionS
Imali messed our peopleH
This is where population is intentionally reducedV
Peace is no more and love is goneW
Here is where killing of people is normalizedX
We are still alive yet our graves are ready for usN
They just can not wait for usN
No tears left to cry we are tremendous tiredY
They sell us and show no remorseN
Kunini ndizila when is my time comingZ
Kunini ndikhala when is my D day comingZ
Now that I'm still kicking I choose to stand for what's rightA2
For now let me flump and wait for deathT
I pray this is comprehensible to you CronyR
God give you dexterity to swallow my wordY

Musa Maliwa
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/18/2021


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