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Muriel_Truax: The Federalist Papers On Liberty, Representative Government, Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill The Critique of Pure Reason, The Critique of Practical Reason, The Critique of Judgement by Kant Faust parts 1 & 2, Goethe Elements of Chemistry, Lavoisier

_Muriel_Bing: 2020 is Yuvraj Singh and we are Stuart Broad.

JusticeWolvesAT: Muriel Baquilod was an athletic trainer at Stuart HS from 2004-2009. She deserves credit for being able to tolerate working with Mr. Berg for the longest period of time - 5 years! Ms. Baquilod was the second AT that Mr. Berg worked with at Stuart. Do you know who was the first?

pendracarys: top 10 characters to get to know me: - natasha romanoff - harley quinn - hope van dyne - morgana pendragon - mary stuart - luna lovegood - dex parios - sara lance - muriel stacy - daenerys targaryen (kelly foster)

Eng_Matthew: Me watching Muriel's Wedding, Emma, Velvet Goldmine, The Sixth Sense, About a Boy, The Hours, United States of Tara, Hereditary, and Knives Out:

Faust89823700: worthy you. Muriel Stuart

Nuke_the_Lab: Far and forgotten utterly By living man. Yet such as he Have made it possible and sure For other lives to have, to be; For men to sleep content, secure. Lip touches lip and eyes meet eyes Because his heart beats not again ~"Forgotten Dead, I Salute You" by Muriel Stuart, 1922

ABC7HeatherGraf: At last night’s emergency meeting in Shaw, frustrated neighbors called on Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Peter Newsham to come to the next community meeting about crime. MPD Asst Chief Lamar Greene & Commander Stuart Emerman are here. Newsham and Bowser are not.

PeoplesMomentum: Stuart Collier, the journalist who Boris Johnson discussed helping a friend to have beaten up, says he and his wife are now careful answering the front door. It's unthinkable that the Tory front-runner for PM is a man who engaged in intimidation and thuggery against the press.

LVL98_GANGgar: Courage trying to explain to Muriel about the terrible monsters trying to kidnap her Muriel:

AsuraHu: My new book for Classic Ballet by legendary Lincoln Kirstein and Muriel Stuart. Ÿ“– Keep studying so we can enjoy t...

CreativeGaze: Here in a quiet and dusty room they lie, Faded as crumbled stone and shifting sand, Forlorn as ashes, shrivelled,...

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