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Karl ShapiroBorn(1913-11-10)November 10, 1913
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.DiedMay 14, 2000(2000-05-14) (aged 86)
New York City, New York, U.S.OccupationPoet, essayistAlma materUniversity of Virginia
Johns Hopkins UniversityNotable awards
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Karl Shapiro Poems

  • The Olive Tree
    Save for a lusterless honing-stone of moon
    The sky stretches its flawless canopy
    Blue as the blue silk of the Jewish flag
    Over the valley and out to sea. ...
  • Going To School
    What shall I teach in the vivid afternoon
    With the sun warming the blackboard and a slip
    Of cloud catching my eye?
    Only the cones and sections of the moon. ...
  • The Dome Of Sunday
    With focus sharp as Flemish-painted face
    In film of varnish brightly fixed
    And through a polished hand-lens deeply seen,
    Sunday at noon through hyaline thin air ...
  • Troop Train
    It stops the town we come through. Workers raise
    Their oily arms in good salute and grin.
    Kids scream as at a circus. Business men
    Glance hopefully and go their measured way. ...
  • Love For A Hand
    Two hands lie still, the hairy and the white,
    And soon down ladders of reflected light
    The sleepers climb in silence. Gradually
    They separate on paths of long ago, ...
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  • Fluencymark: two recent examples of the ghastly narrator genre / trope - even ghastlier than a horny karl shapiro! - were jonathan littell’s the kindly ones and alissa nutting’s tampa, both of which generated a vast range of reactions and a good deal of attention, as was the intention.
  • Rc_wisehack: ben shapiro should read--well have it read to him, slowly--karl polanyi... he might learn something, like the fact that markets destroy families, it doesn't need them.
  • Bendestroysbot: ben shapiro destroys karl marx with mansplaining!!!!
  • Jprapke: the intellectual by karl shapiro what should the wars do with these jigging fools? the man behind the book may not be man, his own man or the book’s or yet the time’s, but still be whole, deciding what he can in praise of politics or german rimes; but…
  • Bendestroysbot: ben shapiro destroys karl marx with mansplaining!!!!
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