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Muriel Stuart (1885, Norbury, South London – 18 December 1967), born Muriel Stuart Irwin, was a poet, the daughter of a Scottish barrister. She was particularly concerned with the topic of sexual politics, though she first wrote poems about World War I. She later gave up poetry writing; her later publications are on gardening.

She was hailed by Hugh MacDiarmid as the best woman poet of the Scottish Renaissance although she was Scottish only by family origin and lived all her life in England. Despite this, his comment led to her inclusion in many Scottish anthologies. Thomas Hardy described her poetry as "superlatively good".Like other female poets of her era, she reflects the weight of social expectations on women and the experience of post-war spinsterhood. Her most famous poem...
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Muriel Stuart Poems

  • Sic Transit -
    "What did she leave?" ...
    Only these hungry miser-words, poor heart!
    Not "Did she love?" "Did she suffer?" "Was she sad
    From this green, bright and tossing world to part?" ...
  • The Seed Shop
    Here in a quiet and dusty room they lie,
    Faded as crumbled stone or shifting sand,
    Forlorn as ashes, shrivelled, scentless, dry -
    Meadows and gardens running through my hand. ...
  • To ----
    Between two common days this day was hung
    When Love went to the ending that was his;
    His seamless robe was rent, his brow was wrung,
    He took at last the sponge's bitter kiss. ...
  • The Father.
    The evening found us whom the day had fled,
    Once more in bitter anger, you and I,
    Over some small, some foolish, trivial thing
    Our anger would not decently let die. ...
  • The Balcony
    A STREET at night, a silent square
    That mirth forbids;
    Whose windows, with drawn lips and narrowed lids,
    Resent the intruder's stare. ...
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Fernham: “john stuart mill used to rise at dawn to learn greek at the age of five, and what john stuart mill could do as an infant at dawn, i too can on a saturday afternoon in my prime” (86)--muriel spark, the prime of miss jean brodie
Stujallen: gardener’s nightcap by muriel stuart
Stujallen: a change of pace with the gardners nightcap by muriel stuart a persephone book a. collection of vignettes around gardening
Stujallen: finally settled in the gardeners nightcap by muriel stuart a collection of gardening vignettes from persephone books
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