From the top floor there's a lot that I can see
Regardless of your educational status there's a lot that you can be
Life can take you as far as you can dream
This is your responsibility, you don't need a team

There's is something I can see from far
A school dropout is driving a luxurious car
The graduate is now a street vendor
A dropout has received another tender

Down the street a dropout Mr Smith owns a shop
I'm still wondering how he made it to the top
Mike the graduate has to sell his vegetables all day
He has a family to feed so there's no other

The bus conductor actually owns a matric certificate
Somehow the dropout has a lot on his plate
Just for today he has three contracts to sign
A graduate just got fired from the mine

With or without education we can all succeed
No matter the setbacks let us proceed
Proceed until our lives improve
That should come from within we need no one to approve