My Star Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When all my dreams had faded awayA
when all my thoughts had gone astrayA
you suddenly came to rescue meB
and brought me back to where I should beB
you help me reach the unreachable starC
and heal my heart from a previous scarC
you added and strengthened my confidenceD
you held me up to reach the heavensE
It was indeed great and amazingF
I had everything I want but something s still missingF
I looked at you then I knewG
you re all I need and all my dreams will come trueG
but I realize you are farC
harder to reach than the farthest starC
I stepped beak and I fallH
I thought you d catch me so your name I callH
Sad to know you weren t thereI
in my lonely nights and great despairI
sad to say I could never have youG
because I was careless and my love was so trueG
and now I m back to my old sanityB
my fame is in deep vanityB
for the man I love had faded awayA
and caused my thoughts to go astrayA

Mosh Wolf
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/21/2021

Poet's note: Memory


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