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“Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice. Poet God...
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  • Am Sorry
    Why do I feel like a useless fool
    I end up hurting and being cruel
    Barely holding on to my sanity
    Struggling to stay with you and me ...
  • Silence
    Silence is the only sound I hear.
    I only see darkness.
    I am screaming on the inside,
    but no one listens. ...
  • Alone
    I have felt rejection
    And pain that never goes
    I’ve endured the worst of cruelty
    And shame that never shows ...
  • Fighter Of Destiny
    For you my foe,
    On the end of this night,
    My heart’s in your hands,
    I can no longer fight, ...
  • Please Come Back
    miss you like crazy
    When I think about past moments with you
    I get dizzy
    I wish you were still here with me ...
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'Spring-germs, spring-germs,
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This glebe is sick, this wind is foul of breath.
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'Oh! every clod
Is faint, and falters from the war of growth
And crumbles in a dreary dust of sloth,

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