My Last Farewell Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I have this feelingA
That my love for you has no more meaningA
What I thought of you I have no more intentB
I leave you with no fragment of love any further extentB
Take back the life you stole from my soulC
My heart is the one that paid the tollC
I ll write you this last goodbyeD
And look at the night sky as time goes byD
You came into my heartE
And you made it fall apartE
Now I claim you no longer my sweetheartE
Your welcome is long goneF
I watch you go till dawnF
I open my mind and let it unwindG
My thoughts all inclinedG
Words I own I give youH
My hearts need to be rescuedI
My trust was my last defenseJ
Mind and heart felt so immenseJ
I threw with youH
So long at last I say goodbye no further adieuH
Ill set you free as I need to mendK
We can always just be great friendsL
I can see through your actM
My heart is now intactM
I moved on and so should youH
We can always be best friends no need to be down so blueH
Unless you can steal my heartE
Or mend these broken partsN
I can t see why I should love youH
Unless we can go back from the startE
This is probably the last poem I make just for youH
There s nothing left I can doH
You were something that I did virtueH
Even if you never had a clueH
This is my last goodbyeD
Ill standbyD
I won t take back what has doneO
The truth I can t outrunO

Mosh Wolf
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/13/2021

Poet's note: Memories


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sad wolfie : cool i like it

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