I have this feeling,
That my love for you has no more meaning.
What I thought of you, I have no more intent.
I leave you with no fragment of love any further extent.

Take back the life you stole from my soul,
My heart is the one that paid the toll
I’ll write you this last goodbye,
And look at the night sky as time goes by.

You came into my heart,
And you made it fall apart,
Now I claim you no longer my sweetheart.
Your welcome is long gone,
I watch you go till dawn.

I open my mind and let it unwind,
My thoughts all inclined,
Words I own I give you,
My hearts need to be rescued.

My trust was my last defense,
Mind and heart felt so immense.
I threw with you,
So long, at last I say goodbye no further adieu.

Ill set you free as I need to mend,
We can always just be great friends
I can see through your act,
My heart is now intact.

I moved on and so should you,
We can always be best friends no need to be down so blue,
Unless you can steal my heart,
Or mend these broken parts,
I can’t see why I should love you,
Unless we can go back from the start.

This is probably the last poem I make just for you,
There’s nothing left I can do.
You were something that I did virtue,
Even if you never had a clue.

This is my last goodbye,
Ill standby.
I won’t take back what has done,
The truth I can’t outrun.