Claire Mugisha Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


She was a lonely girlA
in a hard worldB
felt like nothing was going her wayC
on the outsideD
she was smiling all dayC
but on the insideD
she was bruisingE
She wonders ifF
her family even caresG
about her anymoreH
cos there were times when fights got too farI
and left her bruised and soreH
Then one nightJ
her father got drunkK
her little heart had sunkK
her father took his rage out on herL
What was put to the test was her fateM
but by tomorrow morningE
it was already too lateM
But now she s an angel girlA
in her pure white dressN
gibing it a twirlA
but now its time for her to spread her wingsO
and fly awayC

Mosh Wolf
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/23/2021

Poet's note: Obviously


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