How many times?

How many times does it get before it start to count?
He said it was needed just so she can fall in line

yes, he apologises at several times of those times
but remember, he messes up your mental health at each and every one of those times

he did it, flexing his masculinity
afterwards claimed the devil made him to do it...
what a dumb lie, to give as some kind of excuses

he keeps getting out of control with the physical abuses
and every time he does this,
this violent act is deposited in your children's bank memory
they might just never be able to erase it

your mental health and that of your children is as much as important
You need to embrace this

Yet, you don't want to leave, hoping he changes, making you to give excuses..
What an excuse to give for his indiscipline and irresponsibility

I can understand from your angle, you trying to stay put, trying to do it for the family
But I also know without peace, love and happiness, there is no family...

he said he loves you, told you he would always protect you
but the energy of his love is only shown every time he abuses you

How many times out of fear have you said yes when you meant NO
How many times he's forced his way through, did it regardless several times when you actually said NO

You need to speak out and reach out...

What are you scared of?
What are your reasons?

You are scared of the culture and society ratings
All you think of is what people are going to be saying
But like my late Dad use to say,

there is a saying,
Only who that wear the shoes know it pains

Yes, it's a saying
But my dear sister, it's not just a saying but the truth in its plain
You need to stand up and move on

And brothers, if you have been given many chances, don't be scared to get help and man up

No woman should ever put up to any physical abuses
it's not a thing of how many times he has done it or repeated it

physical abuse is not normal and should always be discourage at any where we dwell in.