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Lover of words. That's just me....
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  • Last Of It
    Every day comes with a piece of it
    Some come without it
    Breaking is what I am scared of
    Cause with each day ...
  • Tequila Break
    One, Two, Three, Seven shots of tequila
    It could be but not
    One, Two, Three, Seven Days
    It could be but nothing yet ...
  • Still
    Hey there
    I still miss you
    I still wish we could figure this out
    I still hope we can do this ...
  • This Thing
    The thing about it is that you can't ever know
    Can't know anything except that it exists as told in the books.
    Everything is unexpected
    You may plan, dream but it is like waiting for the minute hand of the clock to change. ...
  • Always Be My Name
    Baby, darling, my love, Sweetheart
    Say it all, call me all
    You come, you go
    The labels, but my name will follow you ...
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Serenity : What was the poem pain about?
Vanbecky : The message is really good
Laurie lae: @shifrah Kay thank you.
Shifrah Kay: They have message

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